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Volume Performance Monitoring
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Volume Performance Monitoring

The performance of Veritas volumes can be monitored with the "vxstat" command. Reset the volume statistics with the command "vxstat -r", let the system run normally for several hours, and then run "vxstat" and check the read/write performance. If you see two or more heavily used volumes on the same physical disk, you may want to move one of the volumes to an unused disk. To do so, use the following command:

vxassist move !

You do not have to specify the new disk name. In that case, the volume will be moved to any available disk. For example, to move the volume called archive from disk03 to disk04, run the following command:

vxassist move archive !disk03 disk04

If one volume is particularly heavily used, you may want to convert from the default concatenation to striping. To do so, create a striped plex (mirror) of the volume and then remove the old (concatenated) plex. For example, to convert the volume called archive from concatenated to striped, run the following commands:

vxassist mirror archive layout=stripe disk02 disk03 disk04 vxplex -o rm dis archive-01