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Custom Finish Scripts
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Custom Finish Scripts

So JumpStart has installed the Solaris software - now what can you do? Consider writing finish scripts. If you specify a finish script in the rules file, then that script will be executed automatically once the Solaris software has been installed. The Solaris CD 1 of 2 has a sample finish script that you can use as a model that will set the root password on the client. If you decide to write your own finish scripts, then remember that during the install the entire directory tree on the client will be mounted under the mount point /a - so modify your scripts accordingly.

To help spark your creative juices, I have included one of my own simple finish scripts below, which will install the latest recommended patchset for Solaris 2.8. We will assume that you have unzipped the patchset to the directory /jumpstart/Patches and that the IP address of your server is - modify the script based on your needs.

# patch.finish 03/19/01 JRA
# Install the latest patch cluster
echo "Installing the latest patch cluster from Sun..."
mount -f nfs /a/mnt
cd /a/mnt
for PATCH in `cat patch_order`
patchadd -M . -R /a $PATCH
cd /a
umount /a/mnt

Note that the same function can be accomplished by simply copying the patches to the directory /jumpstart/OS/Solaris_8.0-10-00/Solaris_8/Patches. In that case, you should write a shell script that will touch the files in the order specified by the patch_order file, since the patches will be installed based on modification date, from least recent to most recent.

Other uses for finish scripts include copying files from an NFS server to the client, or installing particular packages specific to your environment.