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IBM 201886X

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IBM BladeCenter Office Enablement Kit - Rack - 11U - for BladeCenter S 8886; System x3620 M3

Additional Details
The IBM BladeCenter Office Enablement Kit is the ideal way to deploy BladeCenter S in the everyday office environment. The acoustical module helps in making BladeCenter S quiet for the office environment, while allowing easy access to the BladeCenter S components. Security is an important consideration in any office environment. The Office Enablement Kit comes with front and rear locking doors that helps ensure that your data will remain safe and secure in any environment. Different businesses use different tools to enable their office IT. That is why the Office Enablement Kit includes 4U of bonus space for other types of IT that an office may need, in addition to a BladeCenter S. This space can take any IT that fits into a 4U or smaller standard rack space. The Office Enablement Kit comes with lockable wheels to make your BladeCenter S easily transportable.