Juniper Networks Routing Engine Options

RE-A-1000-2048-BB Routing engine with 1000MHz CPU and 2GB memory, Base Bundle
RE-A-2000-4096-UPG-BB Routing engine with 2000MHz CPU and 4GB memory, Base Bundle
RE-S-1300-2048-BB Routing engine with 1300MHz processor and 2GB memory - included in BASE chassis price
RE-S-1800X4-16G-BB Routing Engine - Quad Core 1800Ghz with 16G Memory, Base Bundle, for MX
RE-S-2000-4096-BB Routing engine with 2000MHz processor and 4GB memory, Base Bundle
RE-S-2000-4096-UPG-BB Upgrade from RE-1300-2048-BB to RE-2000-4096 on MX960BASE system - Partially included in Base