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Starting Layer 3 Switch Router
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The following is a review of tasks you should have completed during hardware installation, including starting up the switch router. These tasks must be completed before proceeding with configuring your switch router.

Step 1 Check that the switch router is set for the correct AC (or DC) power voltages.

Refer to the Catalyst 2948G-L3 Hardware Installation Guide or the Catalyst 4908G-L3 Hardware Installation Guide for correct power voltages.

Step 2 Connect the cables to the switch router.

Step 3 Connect the console terminal to the switch router.

Step 4 Power on the switch router.

Step 5 Enter CLI configuration mode by answering no when you are prompted to enter the initial dialog:

Would you like to enter the initial dialog? [yes]: no

You see the following user EXEC prompt: Would you like to enter the initial dialog? [yes]:

In this step, you can also choose to answer yes and continue to use the configuration menu that is provided.