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Single Site Network Topology
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Single Site Network Topology

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Cisco Unified CME is an excellent choice for a single-site, standalone office. In a world before IP telephony, such an office would have had an onsite router for data services and a separate key system or centrex for voice services. Now the router can be extended to provide converged data and voice services to the office. It also can be managed in the same way as before (either by an ISP or by a VAR or SI).

Furthermore, both the business and the SP can realize cost, space, and management savings.
Savings just in wiring of a new office could be enough to make Cisco Unified CME cost-effective.

Because the phones and computer equipment are all Ethernet-based, only Ethernet wiring is required in the office. Furthermore, only a single Ethernet wire or jack is required to each employee location or desktop. Computer equipment can be plugged into the back of the phone, and virtual LAN (VLAN) technology can be used to provide virtual separation (and therefore security) of voice from data traffic.

Leading-edge productivity features and improved customer service IP-based applications, such as XML services, can also be deployed easily over this converged infrastructure.