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Multisite Distributed Cisco Unified CME Network Topology
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Multisite Distributed Cisco Unified CME Network Topology

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Each site in a distributed call processing model can be one of the following:

  • A single site with its own call processing agent, which can be either:
    • Cisco Unified CME
    • Cisco Unified CallManager
    • Other IP PBX
  • A centralized call manager and all of its associated remote sites
  • A legacy PBX with Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway
  • One or more gatekeepers can be deployed to help with dial plan management.

Benefits of the Distributed Call Processing Model

The multisite WAN model with distributed call processing provides the following benefits:

  • PSTN call cost savings when using the IP WAN for calls between sites
  • Use of the IP WAN to bypass toll charges by routing calls through remote site gateways, closer to the PSTN number dialed. This practice is known as tail-end hop-off (TEHO).
  • Maximum utilization of available bandwidth by allowing voice traffic to share the IP WAN with other types of traffic.
  • No loss of functionality during IP WAN failure because there is a call processing agent at each site.
  • Scalability to hundreds of sites.