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Cisco Unified CME integration with Analog Voice Mail
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Cisco Unified CME integration with Analog Voice Mail

Click the image for a larger view

Click the image for a larger view

You can integrate Cisco Unified CME with analog systems to provide voice mail services.

In general, these systems connect to the Cisco Unified CME via Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) analog phone interfaces. Each port is configured as a normal plain old telephone service (POTS) dial peer in Cisco Unified CME.


Cisco Unified CME interacts with the analog voice mail system via inband dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) tones. All call routing and MWI information exchanged between Cisco Unified CME and the voice mail system also occurs via DTMF tones.

When integrated with Cisco Unified CME, an analog voice mail system provides the following:


Direct access to voice mail

CFNA or CFB to a personal greeting



Many types of analog voice mail systems are available. The Octel system from Avaya and the Reception system from Active Voice, LLC are two of the more popular models. The following sections discuss Cisco Unified CME integration with these systems.